First Special Workshop of 2019 with Alicia Graf Mack, Juilliard's school Director of the Dance Division

A special presentation with Alicia Graf Mack, Juilliard's school Director of the Dance Division, and PS64 and PS140 students of Dance to Unite!

2016 Special Class and FAIB PRESIDENT &
CEO MARK RICCA'S Presentation 

CPC's Dance to Unite class at PS2 was fortunate to welcome Mr. Ricca for a special presentation that focuses on values and their importance! 

On behalf of the students, volunteer teachers, CPC's PS2 school staff and myself, we would like to thank Mr. Ricca for taking the time from his busy schedule to see the work that we do at Dance to Unite for the Chinese community of Chinatown. It was so powerful to hear Mr. Ricca talk about the 6 values that he instills in his employees for success (high ethics, caring, team work, respect friendliness and fun ), those are the values that are the essence of our educational component of our Dance to Unite' class ( dance is secondary ), and so Mr. Ricca's emphasis of their importance made our students realize that those values are not only important for the success of our dance class but also in the business world and generally in life.

At the end of the presentation Mr. Ricca surprised our students with wonderful gift bags on behalf of FAIB, our students were touched by Mr. Ricca's kindness and generous nature! As an educator for many years, I can say with confidence that the greatest gift that Mr. Ricca gave our students was the way that he exemplified the value of care, by taking the time to visit one of our classes, Mr. Ricca showed how much he genuinely cares about the Chinese community that FAIB serve, his visit and life lessons about the importance of values are surely to resonate with our students for a lifetime! 

Thank you for inspiring our students and all of us! 

Dance to Unite |
Annual Shows 2014

Dance to Unite offered its free program to 5 different schools during the school year 2013-2014  - P.S 188, P.S 42, P.S 2, Brooklyn's Endeavor Middle School and P.S 140

Enjoy the pics from our end of school year shows! Love, Peace and Unity to all!


Paul Boos |
2014 American Ballet Presentation

Our Dance to Unite students at P.S 2 got to enjoy a special ballet presentation by the legendary PAUL BOOS. Our kids were so taken by him and couldn’t stop asking questions about what it means to be a ballet dancer. Paul introduced a few basic ballet moves to the students. By the end of the presentation, they surprised Paul with a hip-hop routine choreographed especially for him! It was beautiful to see the connection that was made!

Vishavjit Singh |
2014 Cartoon Art Workshop

Our DtU students at P.S 140 enjoyed a special cartoon-art presentation with the amazing VISHAVJIT SINGH, the nation’s first and only editorial cartoonist of Sikh origin. Through Vish’s life story, students learned about Sikh culture, looking different, and the need for acceptance. Their imagination was challenged with the concept that anyone can be a superhero! Students participated in an art project designing their own original superhero.

Dance to Unite |
2013 Fundraiser

Dance to Unite celebrated its very first fundraiser.

Dance to Unite |
2012 Third Annual Show

Dance to Unite held its Third Annual Show!

Nicole Tongue |
2012 British Ballet Presentation

Dance to Unite welcomed the incredible NICOLE TONGUE, former ballerina at England’s Birmingham Royal Ballet, for a special Ballet presentation. Our kids learned about the discipline and commitment that the art of ballet demands from a dancer through Nicole’s personal story, 

Atif Toor |
2012 Henna Art Workshop

Dance to Unite welcomed back the incredible ATIF TOOR for a special Art of Henna presentation, our kids learned about the history and cultural significance of Henna and got to practice some hands-on designs.

Bhavani Lee |
2012 Yoga/ Meditation Workshop

Dance to Unite welcomed back the incredible BHAVANI LEE, former Cirque Du Soleil soloist, for a special Yoga and Meditation workshop.

Dance to Unite |
Second Annual Show 2011

Dance to Unite held its Second Annual Show!

Yula Be'eri |
2011 Performance at Dance to Unite show

Dance to Unite welcomed the amazing and multi-talented YULA BE'ERI for a special performance of her song “Before The Great War” at our second annual DtU show. Our Jazz Lyrical dance class ( teen/ girls)  performed a special choreography tailored to her song.  

Bhavani Lee |
2011 Kathak Indian Dance Workshop

Dance to Unite welcomed the incredible BHAVANI LEE former Cirque Du Soleil soloist, for a special Indian Kathak workshop designed especially for our teenage girls' class


Dance to Unite |
2011 Rehersal

Our Dance to Unite students work very hard before a performance, take a look at the intense rehearsal before our second annual show!


Atif Toor|
2011 Islamic Art Presentation

Dance to Unite welcomed the incredible ATIF TOOR for a special presentation on Islamic Art and its unique features in architecture, when the projector failed to work Atif took the opportunity to teach our kids some Bhangra dancing, it turned out to be the highlight of the presentation!

Dance to Unite |
Our Very First Annual Show

Enjoy the pics from our very First Annual Show! 
Dance to Unite was founded in October 2009. It started with one teacher at one school with one big dream!