Dance to Unite offers so much more than dance ...

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"Dance to Unite is a truly noble and tremendous initiative. Congratulations and please have me back!"

—Paul Boos, Former New York City Ballet principal dancer, Balanchine Trust répétiteur.


"I just wanted to write you a note to thank you for the amazing work that is going on in our school thanks to Dance to Unite. The girls adore their dance class, and are always looking forward to Thursdays. Not only do they get to experience the creativity and artistic expression that dance provides, but they really get so much more. The class discussions on everything from culture to acceptance, to self image and bullying really allow the girls an outlet for emotions they may have never had access to before. It really is so important for the girls, especially at such a delicate age. They feel safe in class, and free to share things they may never have shared before, it is truly a life changing experience, and it is one that I am happy to provide to our students, through Dance to Unite. Please let me know if I can ever be of any help to you or the program."

Lauren Fleming, office coordinator, Achievement First Endeavor Middle School, Brooklyn, NY.


"I had bullied someone before, but one day when I was sitting down I realized something. I realized that there was no reason to bully that person. Then I started to think about all the times that I had been bullied. I said to myself to stop, no more. The next day when I had come to school I told the girl that I am sorry and I asked her to forgive me, and that I know how it feels to be bullied. Since that day me and her had been good friends and I never bullied her again. I was once bullied so much that I didn't want to go to school, that's why I didn't want to talk about it, but when my friends said it out loud to everyone that gave me confidence to tell you."

— Shemaya Aristilde, 11 year old Dance to Unite student who wrote a letter to Galit and read it during Circle Talk.


"Born into a society that has rejected me from birth due to my racial heritage, it is my life's mission and passion to unite people from different backgrounds. I have had the pleasure to have seen some of Dance to Unite work and am very pleased that we share the same mission and passion to make this world a better place for all. I, for one, applaud Miss Galit Adani and Dance to Unite for their exemplary work and wish them all the best!" 

—Dr. John Reed, Motivational Speaker on the topic of diversity and Author of: 'It's Not Always Black And White, Caught Between Two Worlds'.


"Everytime I came to dance class I always looked forward to Circle Talk, it allowed me to be open with myself even when I didn't feel like it. Being here made me feel safe to be the real me."

— Keira James, 11 year old Dance to Unite student's comment at our end of school year program evaluation form.


"When I look at Dance to Unite I am taken back to when I was between the ages of seven to fourteen, living in the Bronx, New York in the 80's when programs were systematically cut one by one due to budget cuts... The streets are a constant cold reminder to many NYC inner city children, the constant cold of the outsider. Programs like Dance to Unite add some warmth to even the coldest moments. The world needs DtU and any and every positive After School program that we can muster. .. Thanks to Dance to Unite I no longer harbor any ill feelings towards the past mistakes made by the decision makers who took away our After School programs... Dance to Unite has now influenced me to try to do more, to try to help make a change for the benefit of our children, the benefit of our future!"

— Luis Reyes, our volunteer teacher Mehrnoush's husband who was touched by Dance to Unite after watching a performance and wrote a letter to our Dance to Unite students.


"Dance to Unite can change a person in a positive way and this group is special, if you take it away it's like taking a part of all of us away." 

— Destiny Linton, 11 year old Dance to Unite student's comment at our end of school year program evaluation form.


"I would like to start by saying that it has been a pleasure for Grand Street Settlement Bushwick- Hylan Community Center to have Galit Adani bring to us the Dance To Unite Program. The program has been very influential in building the mind and body of today’s youth; areas such as self esteem, team work, physical fitness and cultural awareness that are enhanced through the art of dance movement. The kids love the energy she brings every time she comes and works with them. This is a much needed program and we hope to have her here for many years to come."

—Director Clemente Colon, Grand Street Settlement, Bushwick-Hylan Community Center.


"After having Dance to Unite I decided that I want to become a dancer when I grow up."

— May Ibrahim, 10 year old Dance to Unite student's comment at our end of school year program evaluation form.


"Personally for me, Dance To Unite has meant so much. My daughter, Seattle, age 12, has been with Galit from the first year she has been at the Marta Valle High School building. This program has done so much for Seattle. My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and it is very difficult to keep her attention focused on one task, let alone on ongoing activities. When she started Dance To Unite, to be honest, it was a rough first few weeks, but Galit was so patient and finally Seattle began to focus. She began to put her energy and attention towards learning the dance moves and trying to excel. Is it a miracle? I believe so."

—Tayna Carmon, mother of a Dance to Unite student.


"Dance to Unite encouraged me into doing things. I never been to a dance class where you dance and let your feelings out. Miss Galit taught me how to work out my problem. When I had problems in school Galit was the first one I will go to."

—Mimi Ambroise, Dance to Unite 9 year old student, letter.


"It was a thrill for me to see leigon of new superheroes from the mind of the next generation. Thanks for making it happen!"

—Vishavjit Singh, our nation's first and only editorial Sikh cartoonist, after giving a special cartoon superhero workshop at Dance to Unite.

"You're the best teacher of dance that I ever had, I wish we could have dance every single day—not just Thursday. I think I know the dance perfectly."

—Jani, 9 year old student at Dance to Unite, letter to Galit.


"Dance to Unite was really fun and I really enjoy dancing now."

— Jack Yang, 10 year old Dance to Unite student's comment at our end of school year program evaluation form.